Stressed, Depressed, But Well Dressed
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Their questions:

Favorite Narnia character?

I’ll go with Lucy because I have a lot in common with her, though I am not the youngest of my family

2. You’re dream vacation in extreme detail?

Detail? Meh okay, I would LOVE to go to Hawaii with my best friend, and we would have a hug suit all to ourselves and we would stay for about 2 weeks. During these two weeks, I would hope to swim wit dolphins, learn to surf, go shopping of course, snorkeling, hiking, eat some awesome food, and meet an hot ass guy who somehow thinks I’m attractive too, them have a short summer romance and kiss and cute shit like that. Then we would have to leave, and go back to out boring lives.

3. Beach or mountains?

Depends what time of year. My favorite place in the whole world was my cabin in Washington we had when I was growing up. We don’t own it anymore, but it was in the mountains AND on a lake beach, so I pick both. Cuz I can.

4. What drink do you get most often at Starbucks?

Grande Berry Hibiscus refresher, light ice

5. What fantasy world would you choose to live in?

That is so hard WHY YOU DO THIS?! Ummmmm between books AND movies? Idk probably Neverland. Yeah, Peter Pan is hot and we could have some fun together ;)

6. How did u feel about the movie The Giver?

Haven’t seen it, haven’t read the book. No opinion, except the actor in it is hot as hell.

7. Do you like Folk music? Who is your favorite Fold band.

Not a huge fan of Folk, i don’t even know how to describe it or what it even is.

8. Dark or white meat… (We’re talking about chicken here)

I honestly don’t even care. I love food I would eat both. But mainly dark meat I would think. If we weren’t talking about chicken however, I would say white ;)

9. How has school been so far?

Hasn’t started yet and I’m terrified bc I’m at a new school my junior year bc I moved and I hate everything.

10. If you could change one thing in the world what would it be.

I’m going to be really selfish here and say that my dad could have gotten a job back in Temecula where I lived, that could have supported our family better so we didn’t have to move to Oregon.

You only asked 10 I thought you has to ask 11…..?

Questions for people I’m tagging:

1. Favorite male disney character?

2. If you could live in any country other than America, where would you live?

3. Describe your dream date. (Not date on the calendar dear)

4. Starbucks or one of a kind, original coffee houses?

5. What do you pray or ask for most?

6. How did you feel about The Hunger Games movie vs. Catching Fire?

7. How did you feel about the Divergent movie compared to the book?

8. Summer camp or summer vacation?

9. Girls: Do you prefer to emphasize your eyes or lips when doing your makeup?

Boys: do you prefer a girls eyes or lips emphasized with their makeup?

10. Hollywood idol?

11. Would you rather travel to the past or the future for a day?

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Following everyone back whos looking for a tumblr boyfriend


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